Understanding the Israel-Gaza Conflict: Roots, Religion, and Recent Tensions


There is a war going on between Israel and the Gaza Strip. 2500 rockets are fired on Israel. In response to infiltration into the country’s border through land, water, and air, the Israeli Army has declared war against Gaza and targeted the Hamas positions as well. The terrible situation continues, there have been reports of bombings even in residential areas, but why this war..?

History of Israel-Gaza Conflict:

Today we say that they are fighting to protect the dignity of Al Aqsa. The head of the group’s political bureau Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas Leader told Al Jazeera that this is revenge for the oppression of their people. This is a revenge for the capture of the West Bank.

In their statement, Hamas also mentioned the mosque separately, we are fighting a battle of respect, protection, and dignity of Al Aqsa, and we are fighting under the name “Al Aqsa Flood” given by Abu Khaled Al deif the Commander-in-Chief.

This thing started in Gaza but will soon spread to the West Bank and everywhere where our people are present. Just to understand the root of this dispute, We have to understand Al Aqsa Mosque and its dispute.

To understand the history. We have to go back centuries. Even before this, about a thousand years before Jesus Christ, the Jewish King Solomon built a grand temple, The Jews used to call this “The First Temple”. Solomon had the status of Prophet in both Islam and Christianity.

The First Temple built by Solomon was later destroyed by the Babylonians, later on about 500 years in 516 BC, this Jewish people again built another temple at the same place, that temple was called the “Second Temple”.

Jews used to come here to worship. The Second Temple remained safe for 600 years, later in 70 AD, roman attacked over here. An attempt was made to demolish the temple. The temple was demolished but a part of the wall on the western side survived. The wall of the temple is still present. Jews also call it the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall. They consider it as their last religious symbol.

You must have seen many pictures of their Western Wall on the internet. Even today, people of the Jewish sect come here to worship. People make offerings to the wall in put their wishes letters in cracks of the wall; hence the name Wailing Wall was found.

Inside this holy place, there is the Holy of Holies. Jewish believe that this is the place from where the world was created and it is a place where Prophet Ibrahim prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

The Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall i.e. wailing Wall, Jerusalem Muslims are also proud of this place. They believe that from this place in 621, the last Prophet of Islam, Mohammad, had traveled to heaven. It is called Mirage in Islam. It is said that in this mosque, Prophet Mohammad had offered prayer along with all the prophets who came before him.

There is another Muslim belief associated with this mosque. Earlier all the Muslims of the world used to offer prayer by facing this mosque. Later, they started offering by turning towards the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

After 4 years, Muslims attacked Jerusalem, by the time, the Byzantine Empire ruled here, and then the sacred compound again came to the Muslims. Today, in front of the Al Aqsa mosque, there is a separate Islamic building with a golden dome; it is called the Dome of the Rock, the Western wall of the Jews, a separate Muslim building Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, all these buildings are inside a two-acre compound.

There is also a holy church present in this compound. Christians believe that it is here that Jesus Christ was freed from happiness and it was here that he was reborn in this place. This church of Christians has been built on two acres of land.

The reason is that they are related to the faith of three major religions of the world. The reason is that the beginning of all three sects goes back in time towards all three religions and join together. All of them are followers of Prophet Ibrahim; hence these are called Abrahamic religions. All three religions consider Jerusalem as their holy place which is why the name of this city resides in the hearts of Muslims, Jews, and Christians for centuries.

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The history after the World War indicates that whenever there has been violence at different times, there has been a long violent conflict between Israel and Palestine groups; hence everyone is afraid of the untoward incident.

Will this conflict between Israel-Gaza be Settled..?:

In April this year, Israeli police entered the Al Aqsa Temple and vandalized the mosque, attacked with rubber bullets in which about 40 people were injured. Police clarified that some miscreants were hiding in the mosque wearing masks, and they had sticks, firecrackers, and stones, hence they were forced to enter the premises. Since then people have been afraid of this violence. Which includes Israel and Gaza.


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