Sean Strickland Shocks the MMA, Dominant Victory Over Israel Adesanya


In a surprising turn of events, Sean Strickland stole the spotlight at UFC 293, taking on Israel Adesanya in the main event. The fight, which was originally intended to be an Adesanya showcase, unfolded quite differently. Strickland, a late replacement, dominated Adesanya over five rounds, securing a unanimous decision victory and becoming the new 185-pound champion. Let’s dive into the details of this unexpected twist in the MMA world and its implications for the sport.

  • – The Buildup:
    Israel Adesanya had all the advantages going into UFC 293. The event was set in Sydney, just a short flight from his home in Auckland, New Zealand. It marked Adesanya’s first fight in Australia since winning the UFC middleweight championship in 2019, a fight remembered not only for his impressive performance inside the cage but also for his boldly choreographed walkout. Everything seemed set for Adesanya to entertain his fans in his corner of the world.

However, fate had a different plan. Sean Strickland, originally a Plan B opponent, was thrust into the title fight when Dricus Du Plessis, the top-ranked 185-pound contender, couldn’t make it to the event. Strickland’s recent record and rankings were far from impressive, with only a two-fight winning streak and no victories against anyone in the top five of the middleweight division. Despite being a 5-1 betting underdog, Strickland turned out to be the perfect foil for Adesanya.

Sean Strickland vs Israel Adesanya:

  • – The Fight:
    Sean Strickland’s strategy was simple but effective. He relentlessly pressed forward, unafraid of taking hits, which played into Adesanya’s striking style. However, it was Adesanya who found himself on the receiving end early in the fight. In the late stages of the first round, Strickland landed a devastating straight right hand that sent the champ to the canvas. Strickland capitalized on the opportunity, unleashing a flurry of left-handed haymakers. Adesanya managed to survive until the horn, and he even won the second round on the scorecards. Nevertheless, Strickland continued to dictate the pace for the remainder of the fight.

Adesanya struggled to connect with his strikes, landing only 34% of his attempts. Strickland’s relentless forward march made it difficult for the champion to counter effectively. Strickland never took a step backward, wearing down Adesanya as the fight progressed. In the final moments of Round 5, Strickland even taunted the champion as he walked him down, signaling his confidence in the victory.

  • – The Outcome:
    When the judges’ scores were read, it was a unanimous decision victory for Sean Strickland, with all three judges scoring it 49-46. Strickland was overwhelmed with emotion, covering his face as the gold belt was wrapped around his waist. Adesanya graciously raised Strickland’s arm in a moment that will be remembered in UFC history.
  • – Challenges for the UFC:
    While Sean Strickland’s victory is a remarkable story, it also presents challenges for the UFC. Strickland’s controversial comments, including racist, homophobic, and misogynistic remarks, have garnered attention. Previously, Dana White had brushed off concerns over these comments, but Strickland’s win over Adesanya has put the issue in the spotlight.
  • – Changing Landscape of UFC Championships:
    The landscape of UFC championships has evolved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of long-reigning champions like Demetrious Johnson, Anderson Silva, and Georges St-Pierre. Championship reigns have become increasingly short-lived and unpredictable. Alexander Volkanovski, with five featherweight title defenses, stands as the only champion with multiple successful defenses. The current trend is marked by frequent title changes and vacancies, making it a challenging era for champions to establish prolonged dominance.
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Sean Strickland’s unexpected victory over Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 has sent shockwaves through the MMA world. His underdog triumph in Adesanya’s home region is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport. The question now is whether Strickland can maintain his position as champion and contribute positively to the sport during his reign. As the UFC continues to navigate its ever-changing championship landscape, Sean Strickland’s story adds another chapter to the evolving narrative of MMA.


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