Rudy Giuliani Ordered to Pay $148 Million in Defamation Case: Impact of False Election Claims


Former Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to pay a hefty sum of $148 million to two former Georgia election workers, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and Ruby Freeman, in a historic ruling that resulted from a federal civil trial in Washington, D.C. The verdict by the jury came after a week-long trial that illuminated the upsetting fallout from election-related lies spread by Giuliani and former President Donald Trump, which had a substantial influence on the lives of the two women.

Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Woes Continue: Directed to Compensate Georgia Election Workers:

Testifying before the eight-person jury, Moss and Freeman recounted harrowing experiences resulting from the conspiracies spread by Rudy Giuliani. Moss expressed profound fear for her safety, testifying that she felt at risk of harm, even envisioning a scenario where she might be targeted for retribution. Giuliani, leveraging his prominent position as a campaign attorney for Trump, disseminated false claims about the women’s alleged misconduct as election workers in Georgia. He falsely asserted that video footage depicted them cheating and scanning ballots multiple times to favour Joe Biden, allegations disproven by subsequent investigations.

However, investigations conducted by Georgia’s secretary of state’s office revealed the accusations against Moss and Freeman to be baseless. Frank Braun, overseeing the inquiry, testified that there was no substantiated evidence of wrongdoing on their part. Despite Giuliani’s lack of cooperation and his acknowledgement during the trial that his statements about the women were false, the trial focused on determining the compensation owed to Moss and Freeman.

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Following the jury’s verdict, Freeman expressed that monetary compensation could not restore her former life or reputation. Moss echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the desire that no individual, be it an election worker, voter, or any other, should endure the distress they faced.

Rudy Giuliani

Reacting to the jury’s decision, Rudy Giuliani criticized the award as “absurd,” hinting at an appeal. This legal setback adds to Giuliani’s existing legal challenges related to his attempts to influence Georgia’s 2020 election. Facing over a dozen charges in a racketeering investigation by the Fulton County district attorney, Giuliani’s legal predicaments continue to escalate.

Throughout the trial, attorneys for Moss and Freeman outlined the far-reaching consequences of election-related falsehoods, underscoring the extensive damage inflicted upon the women’s lives. An expert witness specializing in marketing estimated that the misinformation reached tens of millions of individuals and proposed that restoring their reputations through a strategic communications campaign might entail costs of up to $47.4 million.

Freeman emotionally recounted the trauma she endured, including the distress of receiving threats from unknown individuals. The ordeal left her feeling unsafe, profoundly impacting her sense of security and reputation. Rudy Giuliani’s defence attorney argued that while Giuliani did spread falsehoods, other entities and individuals were also involved, attempting to dilute Giuliani’s guilt in the repercussions faced by Moss and Freeman.

Judge Beryl Howell expressed concern over Giuliani’s continued dissemination of false information during the trial, indicating the challenging nature of Giuliani’s defence attorney’s role. Despite Rudy Giuliani’s refusal to testify during the trial, experts view the verdict as pivotal in holding individuals accountable for their actions and promoting truthfulness in the electoral discourse.

An election expert, Tammy Patrick, expressed optimism about the evolving consequences for those attempting to subvert the truth in electoral matters. She emphasized the necessity of accountability and cultivating an environment that prioritizes factual information in the nation’s electoral processes.



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