Biden’s Motorcade Collides with DUI Driver in Wilmington: No Security Threat


Wilmington, Delaware – A Sunday night incident involving President Joe Biden’s motorcade and a suspected drunk driver ended with no injuries and charges against the motorist. According to authorities, the collision, near Biden’s campaign headquarters, caused a temporary disruption but did not pose a security threat.

DUI Charge Issued to Driver in Collision with President Biden’s Motorcade in Wilmington:

Wilmington Police confirmed the incident, stating that a 46-year-old Wilmington man driving a sedan struck an SUV within the presidential motorcade shortly after 8:09 PM. Following their investigation, authorities charged the driver with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and inattentive driving.

“This was an accidental collision,” Wilmington Police Department Communications Director David Karas told CNN. The driver of the striking vehicle has been charged with DUI and inattentive driving.

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No Threat to the President’s Safety:

The US Secret Service echoed the assessment, reiterating that the incident was not intentional and posed no danger to President Biden. Secret Service spokesperson Steve Kopek emphasized that the impacted vehicle was not transporting the president and confirmed his safe departure.

There was no protective interest associated with this event, Kopek said. The President Biden’s motorcade departed without incident.

Biden's Motorcade
Biden’s Motorcade Collides with DUI Driver

Witness Accounts and Aftermath:

Pool reporters accompanying the president described a loud bang and commotion following the collision. They observed Secret Service agents quickly surrounding the silver sedan involved and instructing the driver to exit with his hands raised. President Biden looked briefly at the scene before being escorted to his waiting vehicle.

Campaign Visit and Historical Context:

The incident occurred as President Biden concluded a visit to his 2024 campaign headquarters, where he greeted staff during a holiday gathering. This marked his first visit since the office opened in Wilmington earlier this year.

Adding to the significance of the day, December 18th also marks the 51st anniversary of the tragic car accident that claimed the lives of President Biden’s first wife, Neilia, and their young daughter, Naomi.



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