Mossad Director David Barnea Issues Stark Warning to Iran: Israel’s Resolve in the Face of Growing Threats


In a recent address, Mossad Director David Barnea delivered a stern warning to Iran’s leadership regarding the escalating state-organized Iranian terror efforts targeting Israelis and Jews worldwide. Barnea’s speech, delivered at the annual conference of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism Policy in Herzliya, shed light on Mossad’s tireless efforts to thwart these threats and the potential consequences should Israelis or Jews be harmed.

David Barnea’s warning:

Barnea’s message was unequivocal: “If Israelis or Jews are harmed, Israel’s response will reach the highest echelon of those responsible.” He emphasized that Iran’s terror campaign was operating under a “political directive by the leader,” seemingly alluding to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Over the past year, Mossad and its international intelligence allies successfully prevented 27 Iranian attacks against Jews and Israelis abroad. These attempts occurred across the globe, spanning Europe, Africa, the Far East, and South America. Barnea underscored that these attacks were carried out under Iran’s direct guidance, leaving no room for denial or immunity.

“The time has come to exact a different price from Iran,” David Barnea declared, outlining a comprehensive approach to retaliation. This approach would target not only the operatives but also the decision-makers behind the attacks, including the commanders who approved them and the highest echelon of Iranian leadership.

Barnea stressed that these actions would be executed with precision in the heart of Tehran, leaving the Iranian regime with no room to escape accountability. He emphasized, “Our message is loud, clear, and determined: justice will be done and seen to be done.”

Several Iranian plots were foiled in the past year, including a planned attack on Israel’s embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, the targeting of Jews and Israelis in Cyprus, and a planned conspiracy against a Jewish restaurant and, Chabad House in Athens. These incidents underscored the extent of Iran’s global reach and its persistent efforts to harm Israelis and Jews.

Turning his attention to the Iranian-Russian threat, Barnea expressed concern over Russia’s potential sale of advanced weaponry to Iran, which could pose an existential threat to Israel. Iran’s intentions to provide Russia with short- and long-range missiles, as well as UAVs, were revealed, raising alarms in the international community.

David Barnea pointed out that Iran had already supplied Russia with the Iranian-made Shahed-136 drone, despite Western nations’ warnings against exporting this weapon. While details about thwarted deals involving missile transfers were not disclosed, Barnea ominously hinted that more such deals might be foiled shortly.

The director of Mossad expressed deep concern about the possibility of Russia transferring advanced weapons to Iran in exchange for what they lack. Such a move could significantly jeopardize regional peace and potentially threaten Israel’s very existence.

Shifting focus to Iran’s nuclear program and ongoing negotiations with world powers, Barnea urged the international community to remain vigilant. He emphasized Iran’s historical pursuit of nuclear weapons and its attempts to exploit the current dialogue with the West to release frozen funds while continuing to develop its nuclear capabilities.

David Barnea noted that the current negotiations did not reflect Iran’s genuine willingness to curb its nuclear program but rather its strategic attempt to circumvent international sanctions. He called on the international community to demonstrate unwavering determination in preventing Iran’s nuclear ambitions from coming to fruition.

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In his closing remarks, David Barnea subtly alluded to internal tensions within Israel, particularly regarding the government’s judicial overhaul and fears of a constitutional crisis. He reaffirmed Mossad’s commitment to upholding the values of a Jewish democratic state while tirelessly working to safeguard its security.

Mossad Director David Barnea’s address underscored Israel’s resolute stance in the face of growing threats from Iran. The Mossad and its international partners remain vigilant in thwarting Iranian terror efforts worldwide, while the specter of Iran’s nuclear ambitions looms large. Israel’s commitment to its security and values remains unwavering, and the international community is urged to join in the effort to prevent further destabilization in the region.


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