Fatal UNLV Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Suspect Killed by Police


In a tragic turn of fatal UNLV Shooting on Wednesday, resulting in three fatalities, including the suspect, as confirmed by authorities.

Names of the victims have yet to be disclosed, respecting the notification process to their next of kin, stated Sheriff Kevin McMahill. The suspect, identified by investigators, remains unnamed pending official notification to family members.

A fourth individual sustained gunshot wounds and was initially in critical condition upon arrival at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. Thankfully, their situation has since improved and is stable, according to the police.

The shooting occurred around 11:45 a.m., with reports originating from Beam Hall, the institution’s business school, and the adjacent student union. Sheriff McMahill detailed that the suspect initiated the incident on the fourth floor of Beam Hall, traversing through various rooms before reaching outside premises, where a confrontation with UNLV officers ensued.

Law enforcement engaged in a firefight with the suspect, resulting in the fatal outcome for the perpetrator, according to the police statement.

UNLV Shooting Incident Leaves Three Dead, Suspect Killed by Police

Amidst the chaos, UNLV authorities swiftly worked to evacuate buildings systematically, urging students to shelter in place for safety. Sheriff McMahill expressed empathy, acknowledging the distress experienced by those on campus during the unsettling event.

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Eyewitness Mike Henderson, a UNLV student, recounted seeking refuge in a classroom upon hearing the gunfire. He later observed an injured individual being attended to by authorities—an experience he never imagined personally encountering.

UNLV Shooting Triggers Campus Evacuations and Closure for the Week:

The university has since been closed for the remainder of the week, with authorities assuring the absence of any ongoing threat within the campus vicinity.

Due to the UNLV shooting’s proximity to Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport and the police response involving helicopters, airport operations faced a ground stop as a precautionary measure. This restriction was lifted mainly after a few hours.

Fatal Shooting Incident at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

What is the motive behind UNLV shooting incident?

Authorities have yet to ascertain a motive for the shooting, and details regarding the firearm used by the suspect are currently unavailable, noted Sheriff McMahill. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman conveyed her support via a tweet, extending prayers to all affected by the distressing situation.

Governor Joe Lombardo affirmed his engagement with the school and law enforcement, ensuring cooperation during the ongoing investigation.

President Joe Biden was briefed on the incident by White House officials.

The community stands in shock and mourning over this harrowing incident as the investigation continues to unfold, seeking answers and solace in the wake of this tragic loss.



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