Streamy Awards 2023: Meghan Trainor, Jonas Brothers and the Future of Internet Culture


Meghan Trainor and the Jonas Brothers emerged as triumphant stars at the 2023 Streamy Awards, an event that celebrated the ever-evolving landscape of Internet culture. This glitzy occasion, held on August 27th, was a testament to the influence of online content creators and their impact on popular culture.

Meghan Trainor, the acclaimed singer behind hits like “All About That Bass,” secured a remarkable accolade as she was named the Rolling Stone Sound of the Year winner for the very first time. Gracing the stage with her radiant presence, Trainor delivered an endearing acceptance speech where she extended heartfelt gratitude to her children, including her newborn baby, making the evening all the more special.

Trainor’s triumph at the Streamy Awards was in recognition of her song “Made You Look,” a track that left an indelible mark on the world of content creation across various social media platforms. Representatives of the award ceremony emphasized the song’s “resonance within popular culture,” underlining its profound impact.

Streamy Awards 2023:

“Made You Look” made waves on the music scene, climbing to an impressive No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and eventually dominating Billboard’s Adult Pop Airplay chart. Trainor’s son Riley played a significant role in amplifying the song’s presence on social media platforms, especially TikTok, where the track had a substantial presence during its chart-topping run.

The release of “Made You Look” was accompanied by Trainor’s joyful revelation of her second pregnancy, which undoubtedly added to the song’s significance in her personal and professional journey.

Another highlight of the Streamy Awards was the recognition bestowed upon the iconic Jonas Brothers—Kevin, Jon, and Nick Jonas—who triumphed in the crossover category. This achievement underscored their enduring influence on the world of music and entertainment, showcasing their ability to seamlessly cross over from one genre to another.

The night was further enriched by captivating performances from talented artists. Viral hip-hop sensation Armani White graced the stage, delivering a mesmerizing medley that paid homage to musical powerhouse Billie Eilish while also featuring the enthralling track “Silver Tooth.” White’s performance showcased the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of internet culture, where artists can quickly rise to fame through digital platforms.

The Swedish dance-pop duo Icona Pop transported the audience back to the energy of 2012 with their electrifying performance. They thrilled the crowd with their punk-infused smash hit “I Love It” and introduced their latest single, “Fall In Love.” Icona Pop’s performance encapsulated the evolving nature of music on the internet, demonstrating how artists can continue to reinvent themselves and stay relevant in the digital age.

Multiple talented individuals walked away with well-deserved honors at the Streamy Awards. Fanum garnered recognition as the breakout streamer in the lifestyle category, while Kai Cenat was named streamer of the year in the same category.

 The indomitable MrBeast secured the title of creator of the year for his remarkable collaborative efforts. Additionally, Vivienne Medrano received the Streamys creator honor in the animated category, underlining the diverse talent and creativity that flourish in the digital realm.

In sum, the 2023 Streamy Awards celebrated the ever-evolving landscape of Internet culture by honoring creators, musicians, and influencers who continue to shape and redefine popular culture. Meghan Trainor’s heartfelt acceptance speech, the Jonas Brothers’ enduring impact, and the captivating performances by emerging artists all underscored the profound influence of digital platforms in the world of entertainment and content creation.

The multiple winners at the event exemplify the diversity and talent present in the online community, making the Streamy Awards a true reflection of the past, present, and future of Internet culture.

Kevin, Jon, and Nick Jonas won the crossover category at the Streamy Awards as well.

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