Sea of Stars Unveiled: A Guide to the Game’s Lore and Gameplay


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Sabotage, the talented developers behind 2018’s acclaimed title, The Messenger, have returned with an exciting new game that pays homage to the best 16-bit RPGs of the past. Sea of Stars manages to capture the essence of classic RPGs while avoiding the frustrating elements that can make revisiting those games a challenge.

While you can certainly jump into Sea of Stars blind, I highly recommend taking a moment to explore the game’s Kickstarter page update titled “Prologue – The Two Alchemists.” This prologue lays the foundation for the Sea of Stars universe and introduces two vital characters that enhance your understanding of the game as you dive in.

Understanding the Introduction of Sea of Stars Lore:

In a nutshell, the prologue introduces us to Aephorul and Resh’an, two alchemists who unlocked the secret to immortality. However, they each took drastically different paths after realizing that immortality came with its own set of problems. Aephorul embraced evil, spreading chaos with creatures known as Dwellers and earning the sinister moniker “The Fleshmancer.”

On the other hand, Resh’an chose the path of good, striving to improve the lives of mortals by opposing Aephorul’s malevolent actions. Resh’an relies on Solstice Warriors, the characters you control in Sea of Stars, who harness the power of the sun and moon to combat Aephorul’s Dwellers. Left unchecked, these Dwellers can transform into World Eaters, posing a dire threat to the world.

Sea of Stars Lore (In summary):

Aephorul, also known as The Fleshmancer, is the villain who creates Dwellers, and Solstice Warriors, led by Resh’an, battle these creatures to prevent them from becoming World Eaters. This is the core premise you’ll want to grasp before embarking on your adventure. There’s much more to the story, but these elements and characters will serve as a helpful foundation for your journey.

It’s worth noting that Sea of Stars takes place in the same universe as The Messenger, albeit many years prior to its events. Playing The Messenger before Sea of Stars isn’t necessary, but if you’re familiar with it, keep an eye out for some fun references.

Sea of Stars

Mastering the Game’s Mechanics

As you embark on your quest in Sea of Stars, here are some essential tips to enhance your gameplay experience:

1. Destroy the Locks: Pay close attention to the symbols above your enemies’ heads; they indicate the attacks you should use. For example, if an enemy is preparing a strong attack in two turns, focus on preventing at least one of them from executing that attack. Utilize your team’s unique abilities to your advantage.

2. Swap Characters Freely: Unlike some RPGs where you tend to stick with favorite characters, Sea of Stars allows you to switch party members at any time without any penalties. Experience is shared equally among all characters, so feel free to experiment with different party compositions.

3. Sell Ingredients: Ingredients are abundant and are used for crafting HP and MP-restoring dishes. They also regenerate as you revisit locations. While it’s wise to keep a few of each ingredient, don’t hesitate to sell surplus items to afford useful equipment and items.

4. Explore Verticality: If you see a chest seemingly out of reach, try approaching various walls and edges and press the interaction button (A/X/B). Valere and Zale, the protagonists, are surprisingly agile climbers and can often reach higher spots than you might expect.

5. Utilize Relics: Sea of Stars features Relics that can enhance your gameplay. Some of these Relics make the game easier, while others offer convenience. For example, the “Salient Sails” Relic speeds up your boat, making travel more efficient. One particularly useful Relic, especially in the late game, is the “Falcon-eyed Parrot,” which helps you identify unexplored locations on the map.

6. Collect Rainbow Conch Shells: Early in the game, you’ll come across chests containing Rainbow Conch Shells. As you progress, you’ll meet someone who collects them. It’s highly recommended to make an effort to collect all of these shells, as they yield valuable rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

In addition to these tips, make sure to interact with your party members during camping, as they often provide clues about sidequests that are worth pursuing.

With these insights, you’re well-prepared to embark on your journey in Sea of Stars. Enjoy your adventure in this captivating universe!

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