Victor Neiva’s Winning Strategy for NCAA Cross Country Championship


Victor Neiva has strategically established himself as a top-tier runner in collegiate cross country and ready to secure good position in NCAA Cross Country Championship 2023, employing a familiar yet practical approach over the past few years.

As a senior representing North Texas, Neiva has mastered the art of pacing himself conservatively at the outset, gradually amplifying his performance and finishing with remarkable strength.

When will NCAA Cross Country Championship 2023 be held ?

Reflecting on his initial NCAA championship meet experience last year, Neiva acknowledges the pivotal lesson learned. He intends to leverage this insight during his upcoming return to the NCAA cross country championship 2023 event on Saturday on the Panorama Farms Cross Country Course in Charlottesville, Virginia.

At the national meet, he said a conservative start followed by a surge later won’t cut it. It’s a high-stakes situation from the start. I must assert myself immediately; there is no time for hesitation. I’ve got to go for it.

Neiva is geared up to execute this strategy in the 10K race scheduled for 10:10 a.m., aiming to surpass his 193rd-place finish at last season’s national meet.

The experience gained last time will undoubtedly be advantageous, Neiva emphasized. I absorbed everything, and this time, I won’t contend with as much anxiety or nervousness. I hope to deliver a better performance.

Goals of Victor Neiva’s in NCAA Cross Country Championship 2023:

His primary objective is to secure All-America honors, which requires a top-40 finish.

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Neiva credits his progress over the past two years to the guidance of UNT coach Erik Stevens, emphasizing consistency, robust health, strategic planning, and setting definitive goals as instrumental factors in his journey.

“The support from my teammates has been incredible,” Neiva added. “Their motivation has been pivotal in my development.”

NCAA Cross Country Championship

His optimism extends beyond his aspirations, with Neiva expressing confidence in his chances at nationals and the trajectory of the UNT program.

Neiva noted that our team has seen significant growth, and the development of new talents has been instrumental. The program’s future looks promising, and I’m excited to witness its evolution.

Neiva aspires to serve as a role model for budding athletes while aiming to surpass his previous season’s performance.

“I want to inspire these young athletes, demonstrating that reaching nationals and accomplishing set goals is within reach,” Neiva affirmed. I foresee a bright future for the program and its athletes.

His determination to excel and a positive outlook for the team’s future underscores Neiva’s commitment to personal and collective success.



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