Liz Cheney Vows to Prevent Trump’s Return to White House in 2024


Former Republican Representative Liz Cheney made a resolute statement, confirming her dedication to preventing former President Donald Trump from reclaiming the White House. She’s considering a third party presidential run in 2024, highlighting the necessity to either rebuild the Republican Party or potentially forge a new one, firmly rooted in the traditional values the party once championed before the prominence of a personality-driven following.

What is the Liz Cheney’s Stand?

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360,” Cheney emphasized the imperative nature of this moment. She highlighted the potential for a third party challenge in the upcoming election cycle, driven by Trump’s looming threat. However, she stressed the non-partisan nature of uniting against Trump, calling for a collective stand for defending the Constitution, transcending individual policy disagreements.

The former congresswoman from Wyoming, known for her vocal opposition to Trump, hinted at the possibility of a presidential run against him while promoting her book “Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning.” Cheney has acknowledged a shift in her considerations, stating that the landscape has evolved, making a third-party run a more viable option than it might have been previously.

Liz Cheney painted a stark picture of what a second Trump presidency could entail, foreseeing pardons for January 6 rioters, disregard for court rulings, and a lack of opposition within his circle. She expressed skepticism about the ability of currently elected Republicans to uphold the Constitution, asserting that they couldn’t be relied upon for such a task.

What Liz Cheney’s Book Exposes GOP Alignment with Trump?

Her book echoes these concerns, warning against Trump’s willingness to suspend the Constitution when convenient and seeking retribution, particularly following January 6, 2021. Cheney has been a prominent figure in scrutinizing the Capitol attack as the vice chair of the House select committee investigating the incident.

Cheney’s departure from House Republican leadership and subsequent loss of her congressional seat came after her persistent rejection of Trump’s claims about the 2020 election and her vote to impeach him post-January 6. Her involvement in investigating the attack solidified her stance against Trump’s potential second term and her dedication to the future of the GOP.

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Throughout her book, Liz Cheney recounts her observations of fellow Republican colleagues aligning with Trump’s election fraud assertions, even reluctantly signing electoral vote objection sheets. She highlights instances like Republican Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee allegedly commenting, “The things we do for the Orange Jesus,” as they signed these documents. However, a spokesman for Green denied this claim.

Her book culminates with a call for a unified effort transcending political affiliations, emphasizing the need to defeat Trump and those who have supported or collaborated with him.

Liz Cheney Considers Third-Party Challenge in 2024

Cheney’s actions in the political sphere have previously diverged from the Republican Party’s line. Her political action committee ran ads urging voters to reject GOP candidates who amplified Trump’s falsehoods about the 2020 election. Additionally, she crossed party lines to support moderate Democrats in competitive House races.

Ultimately, Liz Cheney’s stance reflects a commitment to defending constitutional principles, challenging the status quo within the GOP, and advocating for a political landscape that transcends partisan boundaries.



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