Hillary Clinton and Obama Key Role in Biden’s Re-election Campaign


In a distinguished Washington residence named Whitehaven, the Women’s Leadership Forum recently convened, raising nearly $1 million for President Joe Biden’s re-election drive. Playing host to this fundraiser was none other than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has actively advocated for Biden’s stance on critical issues in recent weeks. Her forceful op-ed in The Atlantic supporting Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict and her participation in a Columbia University panel affirm her emergence as a leading surrogate for Biden’s re-election. Leveraging her background as a former secretary of state, she provides Biden with political backing during a divisive period, particularly concerning the Middle East conflict that has divided the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton Emerges as a Prominent Surrogate in Biden’s Re-election Drive:

Hillary Clinton’s popularity among women and key Democratic demographics continues to serve as a fundraising magnet, enhanced by her family’s involvement—her husband, Bill Clinton, made a cameo appearance at the fundraising event hosted at their Washington residence.

As the campaign progresses, Hillary Clinton’s role is expected to expand further. Still, the timing of former President Obama’s involvement, typically closer to Election Day, has drawn concern from some Democratic strategists. Amid Biden’s sinking approval ratings and a close race against potential Republican adversaries, there’s a growing thirst for allies.

Efforts to mobilize influential allies, including the Clintons and Obamas, underscore the Democratic campaign’s strategy. While Obama has appeared in fundraising videos, there’s a desire for his more visible presence on the campaign trail to boost Biden’s candidacy.

The recent addition of Dennis Cheng, a seasoned fundraiser with ties to the Clintons, to the White House team indicates a concerted effort to engage political allies. Cheng’s hire, primarily based on his ability to connect with party elites, solidifies the bond between Biden and his former intra-party rival.

Moreover, Bill Clinton’s high-profile lunch meeting with Argentina’s President-elect, alongside Biden’s special adviser for the Americas, Chris Dodd, highlights the Clintons’ active participation as surrogates for Biden.

Tom Daschle, a former Senate Democratic leader, emphasizes the invaluable support and admiration the Clintons wield within the Democratic Party, acknowledging their pivotal role in this consequential election.

Sources close to Hillary Clinton anticipate her unwavering commitment as a tireless campaigner for the Biden campaign. Her and Bill Clinton’s loyalty to the Democratic Party sets them apart, committing to fulfill campaign obligations beyond the usual expectations of elected officials.

Bill Clinton’s recent lunch meeting with Argentina’s President-elect and former Sen. Chris Dodd’s role as Biden’s special adviser for the Americas further solidified the Clintons’ active participation in supporting Biden’s cause. Their loyalty to the Democratic Party sets them apart, with an eagerness to fulfill campaign requests, unlike other figures within the party’s sphere.

Hillary Clinton’s anticipated tireless advocacy for Biden will likely emphasize the election’s stakes and caution against third-party voting, drawing from her 2016 experience where such actions impacted her campaign. Lessons learned from that electoral loss underscore the need for early engagement and narrative control, a strategy now employed to counter potential negative portrayals.

Echoing sentiments from key Democratic figures, the urgency of this election surpasses past contests, emphasizing the imperative for collective efforts to safeguard democratic norms. This sentiment underscores the importance of engaging top-tier Democratic figures, including Obama, whose impact in driving voter turnout is recognized but expected to be more strategically deployed closer to the election.

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Clinton and Obama stand as pillars of support for Biden, acknowledged by his campaign for their influential roles in mobilizing the Biden-Harris coalition. Obama’s team stresses a strategy focused on impactful moments that resonate with voters, aiming to sway opinion and encourage participation effectively.

Hillary Clinton’s experience in the 2016 election informs her ability to caution voters against third-party support, recognizing its potential impact on Biden’s margin and the consequential implications, drawing from the outcome of her campaign.

Reflecting on lessons learned from the past, there’s a proactive effort to counter negative narratives early, as seen in Clinton’s recent activities and a general pushback on misleading themes.

As expectations heighten for Obama’s involvement, recognizing his capacity to drive voter turnout, there’s a strategic focus on maximizing his impact as the election approaches.

Biden’s team emphasizes the urgent need for unified Democratic support to safeguard democracy in the upcoming election, rallying behind the cry of “all hands on deck.”


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