Devin Haney’s Flawless Victory Leaves Prograis Stunned


In an electrifying display of precision and dominance, Devin Haney showcased his boxing prowess in a highly-anticipated bout against Regis Prograis. Widely regarded as a formidable contender, Haney met and exceeded expectations, delivering a performance that left spectators in awe and firmly established his claim to greatness in the boxing world.

From the outset, Devin Haney’s strategy to outbox Prograis was evident, leveraging his remarkable speed, clinical technique, and prior accomplishments in lower weight classes. However, what ensued inside the ring was nothing short of astonishing, as Haney not only outboxed but entirely shut down Prograis, a feat that was unforeseen by many.

How Devin Haney’s Strategic Mastery Thwarts Prograis’ Efforts in Title Fight ?

Haney’s flawless execution was evident as the early rounds passed without Prograis landing a significant blow. The turning point arrived in the third round when Prograis was dropped, albeit not hurt physically, but it significantly impacted his pride. Haney’s ability to frustrate the defending champion and counter his moves left the audience stunned.

As the rounds progressed, Prograis visibly grew more frustrated, unable to find his rhythm or effectively engage Haney. Increasingly desperate to close the distance and land punches, Prograis took more significant risks, only to be met with Haney’s calculated and unwavering defense, making Prograis appear outmatched.

Devin Haney vs. Prograis

The judges’ decision at the fight’s conclusion underscored Haney’s sheer dominance, as all three scored a clean sweep for him, awarding him every round—a rare sight in a title fight and a testament to Haney’s commanding performance.

Looking forward, the discussion shifted to potential future opponents for Haney. Promoter Eddie Hearn mentioned names like Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez, and Gervonta Davis, signaling potential blockbuster matchups. However, the prevailing sentiment was that if Haney maintained the same level of skill and precision displayed in this fight, he would stand poised to conquer any opposition that came his way.

Haney’s control over every aspect of the fight was evident throughout the match. His strategic movements, ability to maintain distance, dominance in exchanges, and precise counter-punching contributed to his resounding victory. Notably, Devin Haney’s exceptional control compelled Prograis to take significant risks, attempting to bridge the gap. Yet, Haney met each attempt with calculated counters and superior ringcraft.

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The final round saw Prograis in dire need of a miraculous turnaround, but Haney continued to evade Prograis’ attempts to find him, maintaining his mastery till the end.

Haney’s superior performance in each round underscored his technical prowess and strategic finesse. From controlling the fight’s pace to landing decisive blows, Haney dictated the match’s narrative and emerged as a standout talent in boxing.

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Devin Haney’s boxing masterclass against Regis Prograis was a testament to his unmatched skill, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and solidifying his status as a formidable force in boxing. With a remarkable display of technical superiority and tactical brilliance, Haney proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with, setting the stage for a potentially illustrious future in the sport.



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