Billie Eilish Reflects on Unexpected Revelations About Her Sexuality


Billie Eilish, the renowned singer-songwriter, has shared reflections on the public reaction following her recent revelations about her sexuality during a cover story for Variety’s Power of Women issue. During the red carpet event for Variety’s Hitmakers on December 2, Eilish expressed surprise at the response, stating that she hadn’t initially intended to come out during the interview. She seemed bemused, mentioning, “I just didn’t realize people didn’t know. Wasn’t it obvious?”

Why Billie Eilish Surprised by Public Reaction?

When asked about coming out, Eilish stated, I’m just like, why can’t we just exist? She explained her long standing decision not to disclose it publicly, admitting the surprising nature of the public realization. She admits feeling uneasy about discussing the subject but underlined her support for girls.

The initial Variety interview touched upon Eilish’s struggles relating to other women despite her love and attraction towards them, a statement that garnered widespread attention. Additionally, she delved into her complex relationship with womanhood, mainly influenced by the reaction to her song ‘What Was I Made For?’ in the Barbie movie.

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Reacting to the discussion around her sexuality, Billie Eilish took to Instagram, expressing gratitude to Variety for the award while criticizing the focus on her outing during the red carpet moment, emphasizing the importance of discussing more substantial topics.

Eilish explicitly requested an end to the discourse around her sexuality, emphasizing her preference for privacy on the matter, stating, “I like boys and girls. Leave me alone about it, please. Literally, who cares.”

In the original interview, Eilish spoke about feeling disconnected from other girls despite her deep admiration and genuine attraction towards them.

During the recent red carpet event, while surprised by the reaction, Billie Eilish reiterated her disbelief in the necessity of “coming out,” advocating for the normalization of merely existing without the pressure to reveal one’s sexuality.

Billie Eilish Reflects on Recent Revelations About Her Sexuality and Public Response

The artist’s response to the public focus on her sexuality indicates her desire for discussions on more meaningful aspects beyond personal preferences, urging a shift in attention towards topics of substance.



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