South Korean Actor Lee Sun-kyun’s Tragic Passing Amid Drug Controversy


Lee Sun-kyun, renowned for his role in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite,” tragically passed away in an apparent suicide, as reported by South Korean news media. The actor, facing investigations regarding alleged drug use, vehemently maintained his innocence amidst the accusations.

The devastating news unfolded when Lee was found deceased in a vehicle at a park in central Seoul, with reports indicating the presence of a charcoal briquette in the passenger seat—a method sometimes associated with suicides by carbon monoxide poisoning. His family had reported his disappearance after discovering what seemed to be a farewell note.

South Korean Actor Lee Sun-kyun’s Apparent Suicide Shocks Entertainment World:

Lee Sun-kyun, who was born in Seoul in 1975, grabbed audiences with his depiction of the father in the dark comedy “Parasite,” which won four Academy Awards, including the prized Best Picture award, in 2020. He also helped the picture win the Best Cast in a Motion Picture award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Lee Sun-kyun

Following this achievement, Lee Sun-kyun ventured into science fiction with “Dr. Brain,” Apple TV+’s first Korean-language production in 2021. His long South Korean filmography includes prominent roles in films like “Helpless” and “All About My Wife” from 2012.

The actor’s career has been tarnished by drug-related claims, which coincide with a broader crackdown on drug-related offenses in South Korea. Despite angrily denying the allegations and professing innocence, Lee became entangled in a saga that resulted in continued scrutiny and tabloid publicity.

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Prior to his spectacular climb to international prominence with “Parasite,” Lee had already established himself as a renowned figure in South Korean entertainment. He rose to prominence in famous TV dramas such as “Coffee Prince (2007),” “Behind The White Tower (2007),” “Pasta (2010),” and “My Mister (2018).”

The drug-related probe had a huge influence on Lee’s career, costing him several acting opportunities. South Korea’s strict drug regulations, with harsh penalties for violators, put a cloud over Lee’s judicial experience. In South Korea, a first-time drug conviction can result in up to six months in prison, while repeat convictions can result in up to 14 years in prison. Even lawful drug use while overseas might lead to punishment upon return, according to the country’s harsh rules.

Lee Sun-kyun’s unexpected death has put a gloom over the entertainment business, leaving behind a legacy defined by his extraordinary contributions to film and television. His death serves as a somber reminder of the personal hardships that celebrities confront, as well as the challenges that South Korea’s judicial system has when it comes to drug-related concerns.



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