The Controversial Influence of Larry Summers as an Interim Board Member of OpenAI


Larry Summers, a prominent figure known for his tenure as Treasury secretary and president emeritus of Harvard University, holds a pivotal role as one of the three individuals constituting the interim board of OpenAI. His involvement in steering the organization’s future trajectory carries substantial weight, given his influential role in advancing AI’s commercialization and widespread adoption.

Larry Summers’ trajectory from academia to policymaking and a lucrative part-time career as a board member and advisor to Wall Street and Silicon Valley firms has been marked by controversies and acclaim. His reputation as a brilliant economist creative thinker, and extensive network in politics and finance render him a highly sought-after figure.

However, Larry Summers has been embroiled in numerous contentious issues throughout his career. Notably, his infamous memo at the World Bank advocating the economic rationale behind depositing toxic waste in low-wage countries raised ethical concerns.

His involvement in supporting derivatives market deregulation during his Treasury tenure, which later played a significant role in the 2008 financial crisis, attracted criticism. Moreover, his opposition to ambitious carbon emission goals and controversial remarks regarding gender disparities in scientific aptitude have stirred debate.

Another aspect drawing attention is Summers’ reported association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, documented in flight logs aboard Epstein’s private jet.

Who criticize Larry Summers ?

Critics like Jeff Hauser from the Revolving Door Project have expressed severe reservations about Larry Summers’ appointment to OpenAI’s Board of Directors, questioning the organization’s commitment to humanity’s best interests.

Despite controversies, Summers has garnered admiration and trust in some quarters. Notably, former President Obama appointed him director of the National Economic Council and considered him for the Federal Reserve chairmanship.

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President Biden has sought his counsel on various occasions. Larry Summers’ advisory roles and consultancy engagements with notable entities like Citigroup, Nasdaq OMX Group, and hedge fund DE Shaw, where he earned millions, underscore his stature in the financial and corporate spheres.

Summers’ association with Silicon Valley firms like Block, Lending Club, and Jiko and advisory roles with entities such as Andreessen Horowitz and Digital Currency Group (DCG) highlighted his interest in emerging technologies. He previously lauded digital currencies as platforms for financial inclusion and commended DCG’s efforts, unaware of the subsequent legal issues faced by the group over alleged fraud.

While Summers boasts a circle of admirers and has wielded significant influence in economic and policy circles, his controversies, including ethical and policy-related matters, have sparked ongoing debates regarding his suitability for leadership positions in influential organizations like OpenAI.

Larry Summers’ appointment to the interim board of OpenAI signifies a consequential juncture for the organization’s future. His mix of acclaim and controversy underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in his influential role, raising pertinent questions about aligning his past actions and future decisions with the interests of AI advancement and societal welfare.


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