Governor Healey Nominates Three Attorneys to Enhance Massachusetts Probate and Family Court


In a significant move set to fortify the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, Governor Maura T. Healey has proposed the appointment of three esteemed attorneys to critical judicial roles. The impending decision lies with the Governor’s Council, who will meticulously evaluate the qualifications and potential impact of each nominee.

Why Governor Healey appoints three nominees?

Governor Healey expressed her confidence in the nominees—Manisha Bhatt, Bernadette Stark, and Michelle Yee—highlighting their unwavering commitment to assisting families and children, showcasing profound expertise in navigating complex familial disputes.

Manisha Bhatt, with an extensive background spanning over two decades at Greater Boston Legal Services, has been a staunch advocate for the underprivileged, particularly immigrants entangled in the complexities of the legal system. Her notable contribution through the “Know Your Rights” program has earned widespread acclaim for empowering individuals with legal knowledge.

Bernadette Stark brings a wealth of experience in probate and civil litigation, emerging from a challenging New York neighborhood marked by adversity. Her career trajectory reflects a deep-seated dedication to ensuring justice permeates every family in distress, embodying resilience and hope.

Completing the trio, Michelle Yee boasts 18 years of invaluable experience within the Probate and Family Court systems. Her instrumental role in modernizing court procedures through the Pathways Case Management Initiative underscores her commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial process.

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This nomination aligns with Governor Healey’s approach to appointments within the Probate and Family Court, emphasizing a blend of empathy and effectiveness, as evidenced by her prior selection of Stephanie L. Everett for Suffolk Register of Probate earlier this year.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll expressed enthusiasm, endorsing the nominees alongside Governor Healey. Their confirmation could significantly reinforce the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, seeking to delicately balance the scales of justice for families during their most challenging moments.

For those seeking further information regarding the Probate and Family Court, comprehensive details are available on the court’s homepage.

The progress of these nominations is a developing story, closely monitored by the legal community and the public alike, as the Governor’s Council deliberates on these critical appointments. Governor Healey’s deliberate selection underscores the importance of these roles in providing support and justice for Massachusetts families in need.


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