Chaos at Brazil vs. Argentina World Cup Qualifier Amid Fan-Police Clashes


The highly anticipated Brazil vs. Argentina Conmebol World Cup qualifier at Maracana Stadium encountered chaos as clashes erupted between police and fans in the stands, causing a nearly 30-minute delay. The match, riddled with tension, witnessed Argentina clinching a 1-0 victory over Brazil, marking Brazil’s first-ever home defeat in World Cup qualifying after an impressive record of 51 wins and 13 draws in 64 such matches.

Why Brazil vs. Argentina Fan-Police Clashes Happened?

Trouble ensued during the playing of national anthems when locals and Argentinian fans engaged in clashes, prompting intervention from Brazilian police who confronted the visiting supporters. In response, enraged fans tore up seats and hurled them at the officers, leading to further unrest.

Amidst the chaos between Brazil vs. Argentina game, fans near the disturbance rushed onto the pitch in an attempt to escape the escalating violence, resulting in at least one injured fan being evacuated from the stadium on a stretcher.

The scene was one of chaos and panic as chairs were thrown, punches exchanged, and many innocent bystanders in the stands tried to avoid being drawn into the terrifying confrontations, raising their hands submissively.

Displaying a call for calm, Argentina players urged the crowd to settle down before Lionel Messi, the team captain, guided them back to the dressing room. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez swiftly approached the railing, pleading with police to halt the violence.

How long Brazil vs. Argentina World Cup Qualifier match halted ?

Argentina made it clear to their Brazilian counterparts that they would only resume play once the situation had calmed. After a tense 22-minute hiatus in the dressing room and a brief three-minute warm-up, the game eventually resumed.

As the match recommenced, a heavy police presence surrounded the Argentina fans while additional security measures were implemented on the pitch. Many law enforcement officials gathered around the section, accommodating approximately 3,000 fans ensuring a controlled environment.

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Despite the sold-out stadium, tensions between Brazil fans and the Argentine team remained palpable. What began with jeers and applause directed at Messi from the Brazilian fans escalated into chants against him when he returned to the pitch. Notably, Brazil players stayed on the field, continuing their warm-up routine while awaiting the return of the Argentine team.

Before the Brazil vs. Argentina game, numerous Brazil fans admired the Argentine star, with many children donning Messi jerseys from his former clubs Barcelona and Inter Miami.

Regarding World Cup qualification, Argentina leads the South American standings with 12 points in five matches, while Brazil currently holds fifth. Both teams faced defeats in their prior round-robin encounters among the ten participating groups, setting the stage for an intense and unpredictable qualifying campaign.


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