Sensitive Blue Alert in Colorado: The Crucial Purpose and Significance


Colorado residents received a sudden notification on their cell phones about a “Blue Alert” being activated in the Colorado Springs/El Paso County area, urging them to be on the lookout for 41-year-old Justin Kula. While many are familiar with Amber Alerts and Medina Alerts, the concept of a Blue Alert might be less known. This article aims to shed light on the Blue Alert system, its significance, and how it plays a vital role in public safety in Colorado.

What is of Blue Alert..?

The Blue Alert system, though not as common as its counterparts, has been in place in Colorado since 2011. It was established when former Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill 11-1036 into law, thereby creating the Blue Alert Program. This program operates in collaboration with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), local law enforcement agencies, and the media to swiftly alert the community about a critical threat posed by suspects involved in the serious injury or killing of a peace officer.

Colorado Alerts:

The most recent Blue Alert was triggered when Justin Kula allegedly collided with parole officers and fled the scene. The alert served as a means to rapidly disseminate crucial information about the suspect to law enforcement agencies and the general public, emphasizing the imminent danger posed by the individual.

Issuing of Alerts:

  • Rapid Dissemination of Information:

The primary goal of a Blue Alert is to swiftly disseminate information about the suspect(s) to law enforcement agencies and the public when a peace officer has been killed or has sustained a life-threatening injury. This quick dissemination aids in locating and apprehending the suspect(s) promptly.

  • Engaging the Community:

Public safety alerts sent to cell phones have the potential to capture the attention of millions. The Blue Alert leverages this reach to engage thousands of television viewers, radio listeners, and partner organizations throughout the coverage area. This collective effort increases the likelihood of locating the suspect(s).

  • Safety Warning:

A Blue Alert serves as a vital warning to the public, highlighting that the suspect(s) are dangerous. It explicitly advises members of the public not to attempt to apprehend the suspect(s) themselves, promoting safety and preventing potential harm.

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Since its inception, only a handful of Blue Alerts have been issued in Colorado. The most recent one before this incident was in 2015 when a Commerce City police officer was shot. Alerts are one of several emergency alerts that can be broadcast statewide during critical situations.

Alerts play a vital role in safeguarding the community and aiding law enforcement in swiftly responding to threats against peace officers. While they may be rare, their importance cannot be understated in ensuring public safety in Colorado.


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